Big Cats Circle

A gift of $1,000 or more will bring you into the Big Cats Circle, a special community of people who have made a significant commitment to advance the work of TigerAid. The generosity of this group provides us with the core financial support we need to fulfill our mission to conserve wild tigers. We look forward to keeping you up-to-date about TigerAid's programs around the world and our results.

$1,000 Partner

  • "Tiger Times," our quarterly newsletter

  • Progress briefings on TigerAid programs

  • Invitations to regional sponsored lectures and TigerAid's Big Cats Circle events
  • Special thank you gift

  • Satisfaction that you are making a lasting difference to protect tigers for future generations.

$2,500 Protector

Members of the Protector group receive the above benefits, plus a special Executive Director's Report to TigerAid's Board of Directors, two times a year.

$5,000 Patron's Club

Members of the Patron's Club receive the above benefits, plus:

  • A personal visit with a member of TigerAidís senior staff

  • Invitations to meet with distinguished visiting tiger experts

$10,000 Benefactor's Club

Members of the Benefactor's Club receive the above benefits, plus:

  • Invitation to TigerAidís Board of Directors meetings

  • Invitation to customized, VIP tigering trips with a TAF senior staff member

  • Personal visit with TigerAidís Executive Director, and/or one of TigerAidís Board of Directors